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Page updated 6 July 2022

Use your Windows tablet, laptop or desktop as a self-voicing, features-rich, multi-media player and reader using touch or keyboard.
Radio, podcast, music, audio and text-based books, and in the UK newspapers and magazines, are all supported.

Features release 4.5, latest version 4.5.0, 1 September 2016

New in this version: Alphanumeric input - text entry in SpeakOn for touch devices using any combination of Key tables and UEB Braille Grade 1 and 2 with optional use of AutoComplete and SpellCheck.

The announcement page
gives more details about what is new in the latest versions.

TouchScreen support is a relatively recent development and this is explained together with other
user interactions

For NVDA users, add-on for version 2022.1 and later is available, released July 2022

Links are available further down the page to the manual including written and audio tutorials, download page, mailing list and contact email address.

SpeakOn MediaSuite overview

SpeakOn MediaSuite is a free program for the Windows OS that runs on your desktop, laptop or tablet and is a speech-enabled environment containing mini applications called "tasks" for finding, retrieving and listening to various media. SpeakOn MediaSuite has been developed for people who are comfortable using computers. It does not require a screenreader or magnifier; it does not have a visual interface and in fact does not require a screen at all.

You communicate with SpeakOn MediaSuite using either a Standard keyboard, a Numerical keypad (NumPad), a TouchScreen or a TouchPad; SpeakOn responds with speech.
TouchScreen is supported from Windows 8 and is available with some laptops and tablets. Using a TouchScreen or a TouchPad, all operations can be performed with a single finger using swipe and single tap gestures.
With a low cost external wireless or USB slimline numerical keypad, you can operate SpeakOn MediaSuite with one hand.

SpeakOn MediaSuite supports the eSpeak and SAPI5 synthesizers. In addition it supports more voices automatically when SpeechHub is installed.

All SpeakOn MediaSuite tasks operate in exactly the same way. Once the interface is mastered, it offers quick and easy access to all its features.

SpeakOn MediaSuite offers 11 media tasks covering both mainstream and VI services - media available for the visually impaired community. These media tasks are contained in plug-ins which you can add or remove from within SpeakOn itself to suit your requirements. The features offered by these tasks are outlined below.

Mainstream Media

VI Services

Podcast - Stream or download on demand podcast files provided for the blind community.

Radio - Listen to internet radio available for the blind community.

RNIB Newsagent (formerly known as NTNM)

You must be a subscriber of RNIB Newsagent to use this service which is available to the blind community in the UK for a modest annual fee.
The RNIB Newsagent website can be found

Specific information on SpeakOn MediaSuite support for RNIB Newsagent can be found

You can customize many of the tasks above. For example, you can create and organize your music in directories of your choice. Also, you can add your favourite radio stations and organize the links to your favourite podcast resources. Similarly you can organize your magazines and books.

Other tasks for SpeakOn MediaSuite will be available in the future and will integrate seamlessly with SpeakOn MediaSuite using exactly the same user interface.

Start by reading the
Installing SpeakOn and getting started section
For convenience, this section contains separate 'Getting started' pages for using the Standard keyboard, Numerical keypad, TouchScreen and TouchPad.

SpeakOn MediaSuite is available to download free as a single installer. The system requirements, download and installation instructions areĀ 

A comprehensive manual including a step-by-step written tutorial is available

An audio tutorial is available

There is a self-help SpeakOn low traffic
mailing list
for announcements and discussions on all matters relating to SpeakOn use.

For further information and constructive suggestions you are welcome to send us an email to:

SpeakOn MediaSuite was developed by Isaac Porat originally as part of the assistive technology charity a-technic commencing in 2006. SpeakOn MediaSuite became a separate entity in 2013 and is sponsored by a-technic.

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